Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Regina Milkovich. Those who know me call me Gina (although friends from further back still call me by my middle name). I’m a competitive tactical precision rifle shooter, a long time police dispatcher, a type-1 diabetic, a wife, a stepmom, an amazing home cook and gardener, a runner, a huge Wonder Woman fan, and pretty much an all-around trash talking bad ass. Actually, I probably talk trash the best but don’t tell my Mom.

I’m sponsored by some super kick ass companies. They are: Timney Triggers, Foundation StocksVortex Optics, Spartan Precision Rifles, Rifles OnlyVoodoo Tactical, Really Right Stuff SOARHawk Hill CustomPatriot Cases, GeoballisticsWieBad, American Precision Arms, Hodgdon Reloading and Nosler. I’ve heard I’m an “OG” but haven’t been around as long as some. (I’m PRS member #32 and NRL member #21). Prior to meeting my husband, I’d only shot a handful of times. I fell in love with tactical precision rifle after helping out at the first Tactical Precision Rifle Challenge in 2009. I started shooting the next year, but didn’t get serious about the sport until 2011.

I’ll be honest, this blog probably isn’t going to be exclusively about shooting, although that does take up a majority of my time. I might throw in some other stuff that I like to rant about or have become temporarily obsessed with. You aren’t the only one with a short attention span, okay?

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  1. Way to go gal. Really Regina, very good job in winning. You are an inspiration to women shooters all over. Keep shooting.


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